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Helen Hart 

Publishing Director of Silverwood Books

Siobhan is an incredibly insightful and professional coach who effortlessly leads her clients through the chaotic maze of their thoughts to reach incredible clarity as to how to bring it all together! I began my VIP day with Siobhan with very broad ideas of what I wanted to achieve and by first coffee break, her insightful questioning and exercises to create more structure and clear goals had provided my first lightbulb moment. By the end of the day I was clear as to my target audience, how to structure my business to generate a cohesive marketing plan and clear action steps to make the ideas and excitement a reality.

Beccy Miller

I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough, she is supremely professional while also creating a warm and encouraging environment that really captures your individual needs and methods to take your ideas and turn them into a marketable reality.
Thank you Siobhan, you have give me the confidence and clarity to take myself forward and I am very much looking forward to our next session!  

Marguerite Valentine

'Have you  written your book but promoting leaves you cold? Need advice on which social media platform to use? I highly recommend Siobhan Costello of The BESTSELLER ACADEMY who in discussing my particular needs, showed me how to develop a brand image, use Twitter, Pinterest, create ideas for Blogging and where and how to network. No longer do I have an excuse for the writers’ complaint-procrastination. Siobhan is knowledgeable, inspirational, positive and wonderful to work with.'

Ber Collins

I attended Siobhan’s VIP day yesterday. 
To say I am happy is an understatement. I got exactly what I hoped for and more.  I have been looking for a long time now for a strategy to move my business forward and I got it.  I wanted my business to be in alignment with my book and just could not get clear on how to do this. I can now face the next year with clarity around my business.  I have my signature system in place from which I can design my courses and social media updates. I have a clear action plan for my business that includes, among many other things, a new pricing structure which will bring more income into my business. It was an excellent structured day that met my specific needs. Even though we were tackling subjects that usually leave me feeling weak at the knees Siobhan guided me through it painlessly and easily and we even had a bit of fun along the way. If you are looking for help with your business I would highly recommend Siobhan. You won’t be disappointed.  

Diana Barden

Author of Post Traumatic Success

I’ve just spent a great afternoon working with Siobhan on a detailed marketing funnel to create an entire business around my book. Before working with her I was unsure of how I could use the content of my book, which was published last year, or how the session was really going to benefit me. I now have a fully formed business plan, with clear action steps for the rest of this year, and further steps for next year, which should grow my business severalfold. I can’t believe how much we got done in just a few hours – it would have taken me months to get to that stage without Siobhan’s guiding questions, intuitive ideas and creative processes. I’m extremely grateful to Siobhan for helping me move my business idea forward and guide me to the right actions from here on.